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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Where To Get Free Pokemon | Gift NPC Locations

This is a story event, so you won’t miss them. He’ll let you choose one of three Pokémon. Paniola Ranch NPC: Talk to the lady behind the desk to the right to get your first Pokémon Egg at Paniola Ranch. The egg will hatch into an Eevee every time. Trainer NPC: Talk to the Trainer in the Huntail-shaped boat. He’ll give you a Pokémon, no questions asked. Surfing Association NPC: Get the high score on all four Mantine Surfing courses, and you’ll be sent to the Surfing Association office in Heahea City. Talk to the NPC here to get a special surfing Pikachu. Ultra Recon Squad: After defeating Ultra Necrozma, the Ultra Recon Squad will offer to give you an Ultra Beast — Poipole. You can decline and pick it up later. Wicke: Talk to Wicke while helping the Ultra Recon Squad after defeating the Elite Four.

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